A carpenter by trade, Blake Fisher is the author of the new novel “Cryo.” Having a deep passion for writing, he took a break from construction and found the time to fulfill his foremost dream of constructing a world in the pages of his book. Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin he took his passion for writing and turned into a dual degree of English and History at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He was fortunate in his early life to have the ability to travel to numerous countries that opened his eyes to the fundamental fact that it doesn’t matter where you’re from there is no place where the people are inherently good or bad. 

There are people with complex lives living through different means of motivation. While there are terrible people, there are also an incredible amount of amazing people all around the world with beautiful stories to tell. In his first novel he highlights the human experience in a futuristic world and continues to write, working on a follow up novel to “Cryo.”